No News Here

Just checking on my website and updating things here and there. And then I noticed the News section was last updated in 2015–Ugh!  Not because I haven’t written any new updates, mind you. But because I don’t write them here.  I think I’ll leave this page up, if for no other reason than every few years it’s fun for me to stroll down memory lane and see what I was up to when. (I don’t assume anyone else reads much here.)

But if you’re looking for updates, better places than here are any of the following:

My Facebook Author Page

My personal Facebook page

Left Fork/Flowstone on Facebook

Mind you, I’m not saying any of these will be updated regularly. Just more regularly than this page you’re staring at.


About Ryan A Forsythe

Ryan Forsythe is a writer, editor, and artist from Cleveland, though he considers the state of Jefferson his home. He received a Master of Arts degree in Teaching Writing from Humboldt State University and an MFA in Fiction from San Diego State University, where he also served as Associate Editor with Fiction International. Ryan writes short fiction, novels, travel stories, family history, personal essays, children's books (for adults), and the occasional poem. His writing has earned two Pushcart Prize nominations, a Best in Show at the local county fair, a "Great 69-er Award" (for best 69-word fiction), and more. His novel, "Dick Cheney Saves Paris," was released by Love Earth Publications on August 30, 2011, the same day Cheney's own memoir was released.
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